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M arc is a solitary witch living in San Diego who fuses together Eastern and Western traditions into his daily life. Every day begins with Taijiquan and Qigong. With a B.S. in Physics from U.C. Riverside, he found that his exploration into science led him to another realm, that of the metaphysical.

He has over 25 years experience as a reader of the Tarot and his readings are greatly in demand. Marc has also led Full Moon and Dark Moon Rituals and a class series on Guided Meditations at
Starcrafts, a metaphysical bookstore in the Ocean Beach area of San Diego.

His extensive background in Martial Arts, Dance, Music, and Performance, provide Marc with a unique repertoire of skills that he draws upon to design and facilitate memorable meditative journeys. He often incorporates them into his
Tarot classes and workshops and his circle and ritual work, finding the meditative state to be a powerful gateway to personal growth and magick.

For many years, Marc worked in the corporate world (lastly as the IT Director for a San Diego biotech company), and left it over 6 years ago to pursue his own life, career and vision. He hasn't looked back.

He owns
Digital Sourcery, a web design and IT consulting company, and designed the website you are using now. He is also the designer and webmaster of a number of corporate websites as well as many websites of a spiritual and metaphysical nature. Marc enjoys working with small businesses and the metaphysical community and putting his unique skills into play to create cost effective and evocative websites for his clients.

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at (619) 299-8609
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Celtic Ornament

My introduction to the Tarot occurred at the age of 11, when I was drawn to a deck from France (which I have yet to have ever seen again), at, of all places, a magic shop at Disneyland. I was amazed by how the cards came to life in my hands and were able to tell stories and events at even such an early age. Strangely, that deck left me not long after it awakened my psychic senses and went to help others, but it began a journey that has continued to this day.

My training has grown through the years from my personal studies as well as work with various teachers, including Barbara Sherman's "Depth Tarot" workshops and study group, the teachings of Angeles Arrien, the works and workshops of Mary K. Greer, Crowley's "Book of Thoth", Jungian analysis of the archetypal symbols in the cards, meanderings through the maze of Qaballah, the works of Joseph Campbell and countless others. My studies and work as a solitary practitioner of Wicca and my background in Taijiquan and Eastern mystical traditions have also deeply influenced my work.

I've been doing readings for others now for over 25 years, and my readings have been greatly in demand. In the past, I had just done them for close friends and associates as my paths were in other directions, but this calling has been clearer to me recently, and I am now opening the door to the world at large. My friends and past clients have always wanted to refer their friends to me, but I was unable to devote the time and energies to this pursuit more fully until now.

I have a strong ethical sense in my approach to readings. I take them very seriously, and don't consider it parlor entertainment or an audience spectator sport. It is a sacred trust that I share with the querent.

I believe that a reader that hasn't done THEIR work on themselves cannot read as deeply as someone who has done work upon themselves. It's said the best therapists are those who've gone through therapy to expunge their demons -- so I believe it is with readers. Those who have a greater understanding of themselves will be able to have a much deeper understanding of the cards and their energies without projecting their own baggage onto what they have to say.

I look forward to sharing my gifts and insights with you and to helping you transform your life as I have mine through the cards.

Come with me and enter the Tarotscape. Inside, you'll find yourself looking back.


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