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The Magick of Mantras - Friday, May 26, 7pm, $10
Into the Cauldron of Cerridwen
Intermediate Wicca: an Exploration of the Dark Moon

RE CLASSES: Familiarity with the fundamental concepts of Wicca is strongly advised, including circle casting, the elements, The Wheel of the Year, esbats, the duality of the Goddess and God, the triple Goddess, the Great Rite, grounding, raising and releasing of energy, etc. Each class builds on the previous. It's highly recommended to attend the first class if you plan to attend the second. Each class will also include some participatory exercises. Bring a notepad or your BoS and a writing implement.

Weds, August 23rd, $5
Gather at 7pm, ritual 7:30pm

The Dark Moon Gathering is OPEN to ANYONE who'd like to participate whether or not you've attended the classes. Our group ritual will bring together all of what you've learned so attendance is strongly recommended for those in the class series.

Space is limited to the first 25 attendees.

Classes and Gathering at:
Metaphysical Books and Gifts

4870 Santa Monica Ave
Suite 1A
Ocean Beach, 92107
(619) 223-3970

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Two In-Depth Classes!

Descent into Shadow
Friday, June 30th, 7pm, $10
  • The Lunar Cycle and Magick
  • About the Dark Moon
  • The Inner Journey of Transformation
  • Joseph Campbell, Jung, and Shadow work
  • The Shadow Elements
  • Self-Exploration in the Shadow Elements

Pathways thru the Dark
Friday, July 28th, 7pm, $10
  • The Crone & the Dark Goddess
  • The Sage & the Dark God
  • Widdershins
  • A new version of the Great Rite
  • Structuring your own Ritual and Journey
  • The Dark Moon Cycle using Astrology as a Guide
  • Using Meditation as a Tool

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The Great Tarot Arcade
The Great Tarot Arcade
Come one, come all to the Great Tarot Arcade!

Some of these games of exploration you just can't do alone!
Who's it for: anyone and everyone with or without any experience with the Tarot. Or, if you're already a reader and wanting to look at the Tarot in a different way, you'll find fun exercises that will expand your horizons and abilities. Leave your own cards at home, there will be plenty of cards to work with at the workshops. We'll be exploring the energies and symbols of the Tarot in fun, new, exciting and creative ways that you've never done before!

All you need to bring is: yourself, your open creative mind, and your willingness to be the Fool on occassion along with the rest of us.

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The Magick of Mantras - Friday, May 26, 7pm, $10
The Magick of Mantras
By popular demand, this class
will be taught again this fall.
Date is TBD.
Mantras are a form of chanting used to invoke the power and favor of the divine forces of the universe. You don’t have to be Hindu to benefit from the power of mantras! Whether you seek freedom from obstacles, abundance, improvements in health, or wish to grow closer to the divine in your daily life, mantras are an excellent tool to get there. Come dressed casually and comfortably, and bring a cushion if you’d like, as we will be sitting while doing extended chanting.

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Enter the Tarotscape - A Tarot Workshop Series
Self exploration and growth using a numerological approach to understanding the Tarot. This workshop is intended for anyone of any level interested in the Tarot or in gaining a better understanding of themselves.

You'll learn all about the cards and uncover their meanings in this hands-on experiential workshop.

Periodically, I teach a workshop series called "Enter the Tarotscape", as described at the left. If I have sufficient interest, I can arrange to teach this class, but at present, it is not on the calendar.

If you are interested in future workshops, or would like to arrange private instruction in tarot reading and divination techniques, please contact me:

Contact Marc
at (619) 299-8609
or E-mail :

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