Tree of Life
This great little store located in the Ocean Beach area of San Diego, is truly a delight. Not only can you find great books, herbs, jewelry, incense, ritual tools, and the like, but the store offers regular classes, readers, reiki and massage work, and lots of other really cool stuff.

Hands Over Heart
The website of my dear friend Katie Weatherup who is a tremendously gifted Reiki Master and Shamanic practitioner. In addition to practicing healing arts and Shamanic work on behalf of her clients, she also does attunements and teaches classes and workshops. She incorporates her work and knowledge in the creation of unique jewelry.

Winds of Transformation
The site of Kim Le Piane who teaches group courses and is available for private consultations in Soul Memory Discovery.
Her unique healing method is a synthesis of her own discoveries
and her background in Family Constellation work.

In addition to reading Tarot, I'm also a Belly Dancer
and a proud member of this non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Middle Eastern Dance.

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