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Testimonials from past and current clients

"Marc's reading of the cards is truly enlightening. He has brought into focus a number of factors influencing my lifepath and how to deal with them. I look forward to continuing to receive guidance from the cards as interpreted by Marc."
-- Beth

"My reading with Marc was out of this world. He told me so many things about myself and people around me that he could have never known. The reading was the best treat I could ever give myself. Better than any session with an analyst."
-- Clydene

"..(Marc's readings) held a huge mirror up to me and I saw my self worth, my stalled energy, my draining lovers, my surprising shyness, my reenacting of my parents behaviors and things I learned on TV. I realized my strength, my commitment phobias, my childhood anger, my nonaggressive manner to succeed in running a business. My love for true life, as I regained my confidence.."

"..My favorite thing about the readings I've learned to do over the years is wait (until) after the cards have been read and sometimes Marc will bring names to my attention that have literally changed my life. He has mentioned names of past affairs that have resurfaced and stunned me with others I still have not let him know about until now.."
-- Richard
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I can help you uncover where things are going in your life, and what you can do to deal with the obstacles that might arise.

While I believe that we have free will to determine our destiny, I have found that the Tarot is a useful tool to help us see the energies and tendencies of what may happen and reveals the actions we can take to help us achieve our goals or to avoid potential obstacles.

Personal goals, relationship struggles, workplace and career, health issues, family, travel opportunities and more can be revealed in a reading.

The reading is focussed on YOU and what prospects lie ahead for YOU. While I may reveal issues surrounding others in your life, they appear in there as how they relate to YOU.

IMPORTANT: I will not do a reading for someone else without their consent or presence at the reading.

Readings are most strongly focussed on the coming 12 months, sometimes a little farther into the future. I've found that so much of the future depends on what you do with what you discover. Your actions can change your future. Reading further ahead isn't as accurate or productive for you and won't leave you as satisfied as having information to deal with what is coming to you now and in the near future. Your readings are prognostications of what is coming, allowing you to prepare and choose your course in an informed manner.

I operate with very little information from you other than your name and your date of birth. This is because I employ some numerology in my readings and it assists me in determining the energies of your "Tarot Constellation" and "Year Card" -- a Tarot Horoscope, if you will. For those more knowledgeable with the Tarot, I may use these cards as significators in a reading.

You will be amazed at what I can uncover with no additional information from you.

You should be prepared to spend at least 30 minutes for a short reading or 60-90 minutes for a full reading. My rate is $30 for a short reading and $60 for a full reading.

Right now, most of my readings are done from my home in San Diego. If you would like to arrange an alternate location to conduct the reading, please contact me. Additional charges may apply for "out" calls. I also do phone readings as well, but these must be scheduled in advance. If you are interested in a reading, whether in person, or by phone, please contact me. I look forward to helping you.

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