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About Richard
Richard was my hair stylist since I moved to San Diego over 11 years ago. Over the years we got to know one another well. I feel blessed to count him as a friend in my life. In a conversation some 9 years ago, it came up that I read Tarot. He was fascinated and decided he'd like a reading. From that time forward he became a regular client, consulting me on some very serious decisions as well as times where he was seeking reinforcement or guidance.

Given our history, I asked him for a few words of testimonial for this website. I was awestruck by the letter I received. I was deeply moved and honored. And now, with his blessings, I'd like to share his letter of commendation with you.

--- Marc

Nov. 27, 2002

I have been going to Marc for over 6 years. At first, I was skeptical as we were merely acquaintances. When we agreed to do a trade, I thought it would be at least entertaining. I have never really believed in anything cultish nor religious for that matter about a tarot reading, although I have always believed that as long as I decided to show up for anything that tests my morals, I will participate full heartedly. If anything unpleasant happens, I feel I can react to my feelings after the entire experience. Given that, I have been to Marc over 16 times. In the course of the time, the readings have opened doors I have always regarded as closed issues in my head. With the common sense and intent to realize I make the ultimate decisions in the end, and along with the respect for the unexplained phenomenon of tarot reading, I never leaned on Marc to make my life decisions and felt as deep as the readings have gone, I would never abuse the gifts of thought he has led me to.

I have found each reading to expel a certain charm and sometimes a bitterness which was usually my resistance to change or my realization of an obstacle I must overcome. Before experiencing Marc's talents, I had never realized the true problems and lusts I had inside me. In the beginning, I have addressed true family obstacles, major career changes and freedoms I never imagined 5 years ago. I addressed my deep family concerns and when I was about to question my next path in my career, I consulted Marc. I often left with tears in my eyes because regardless of the readings result, I felt as though ONE person was witness to what I had been trying to hide from others for so long. It felt like a secret plan when I left and some of it was due to the pain needed to overcome but in order to get there, I needed to hold a mirror to myself about the things I didn't want to admit. That's what Marc's readings did for me, they held a huge mirror up to me and I saw my self-worth, my stalling energy, my draining lovers, my surprising shyness, my reenacting my parents behaviors and things I learned on TV. I realized my strength, my commitment phobias, my childhood anger, my nonaggressive manner to succeed in running a business. My love for true life, as I regained my confidence. My favorite thing about the readings that I've learned to do over the years is wait until after the cards have been read and sometimes Marc will bring names to my attention that have literally changed my life. He has mentioned names of past affairs that have resurfaced and stunned me with others I still have not let him know about until now.

I regard him as one of my top 5 influences in my life, but always careful to never abuse his gift. I treasured going to Marc for so long and he will be missed by me, but that is only because I'm starting a new life abroad at the age of 35. I never thought I'd be able to try something that outrageous before, but Marc has had a huge hand in helping me find the strength to not settle down in a boring mid-life crises when I will get a second chance and I owe so much of it to the readings Marc has given me.

As far as when I will be back? Well, I don't know because even some things have to be left to fate and myself. When I can, I will definitely see Marc again.

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